Jane (Diane Guerrero) is going through some big changes on this season of HBO Max’s Doom Patrol. Mostly cut off from the personalities she ostensibly leads as part of the collective mindscape known as The Underground, and told by her host body Kay that she needs to figure out who she is on her own, Jane has been on a journey of self-discovery in Season 4.

“There’s so much to explore with Kay, I was excited to explore Jane, as well,” Guerrero told Decider. “It finally happened in such a way that was so personal, self-expression, self-actualization, and finding your identity. One of those was a very intimate, was Jane sort of discovering her sexuality and what that meant in context with being one of the personalities of Kay, especially one that came to protect her at a time that was so sensitive, like at a time when Kay’s body was experiencing sexual abuse.”

Spoilers for today’s episode “Youth Patrol” past this point, but things get even deeper and more introspective, as an accidental spell causes the team to mentally and semi-physically return to their teen years. Thanks to some party drugs and a conversation with friends, Jane starts to realize that the feelings that sparked with (sort of) villain The Fog (Wynn Everett) in Season 3, and are haunting her thanks to some mysterious puzzle pieces in Season 4, may be something deeper.

To find out more from Guerrero about Jane’s arc this season, the romance with The Fog, and what — if anything — the cast knows about Season 5 given everything going on in DC movies and TV, read on at Decider.

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