Jane the Virgin

Character: Lina

Created by: Jennie Snyder Urman

Directed by: Melanie Mayron, Gina Lamar, Brad Silberling, Zetna Fuentes

Written by: Jennie Snyder Urman, Carolina Rivera, Madeline Hendricks, Rafael Agustin

Cast Members: Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo, Yael Grobglas

Released date: October 13, 2014

Episode(s) Number: Appeared in many episodes throughout the series

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 40 minutes

Jane finds her life turned upside down when she is artificially inseminated by accident.

→ She wasn’t expecting this (Season 1)
→ It’s a family affair (Season 1)
→ What’s a virgin mother to do? (Season 2)
→ That’s Mrs. Virgin to you. (Season 3)
→ Relationship status: mom-plicated (Season 4)

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