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Apr 22, 2022   Interviews, Videos

Coming off a major career milestone, celebrating Encanto’s Oscar win for Best Animated feature, Diane Guerrero took time to chat with SheKnows about the lessons the movie teaches and much more. “I have such a big family. I feel like everyone really filled one of those roles. My mom really connected with Mirabel and Luisa together, which is what she told me when we saw the film,” she said. “That was really beautiful to see — this woman who definitely didn’t grow up with any type of representation to see herself reflected in a film that her own daughter is in. It was really special to see.”

As for playing the impossibly gorgeous Isabela in the Disney film, the 35-year-old actress said, “There’s always going to be expectations from your family, from your community, from society, but ultimately, it’s up to you. It’s up to you what you want to do, [and] who you want to be. And whatever that is, [it] doesn’t have to be perfect. I think that’s a theme with a lot of the characters in Encanto, but especially with Isabela, who is sort of like this example of perfection and with that comes a lot of expectations.”

And that’s why Guerrero has partnered with the personal care brand Love Beauty and Planet to give back to Latinas who are working to make their communities cleaner, greener, and more just. Guerrero is working with the brand to support the launch of a body wash collection and their efforts with a Latina-owned and led organization Mujeres de La Tierra. Specifically, Love Beauty and Planet will be making a $50,000 to fund Vamos a la Playa, a program run by the group that teaches the community about public access to the beaches of Southern California and marine life.

” . . . As Latinas, we’re the head of the households, you know, in most cases, and we are constantly providing, providing for our families. And sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves, you know what I mean?” said the Orange Is the New Black alum. “Which is why I am so happy to partner with Love Beauty and Planet, because it aligns so well with my values. It aligns so well with what I believe has been helping me throughout my entire life.”

Source: SheKnows

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